Sports Available

Participation in Sport is very important at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School and we encourage every student to stay active and be healthy. We strive to provide a variety of sports to cater for all students and would like all of our students to participate in a sport of their choosing, and are always available to assist with sport selection and participation options.

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Auckland Girls Sports Code of Conduct

No person or persons associated with Auckland Girls’ Grammar School should act in a way that is likely to bring school sport into disrepute. This includes students, staff, team officials, parents and spectators.

At all times, all persons associated with school sport will act in accordance with the principles of fair play as outlined in Clauses 1.0 and 2.0 to ensure that students have the right to enjoy their sport in a safe, positive environment.

1.0 Players will;
Play to the best of their ability and within the rules of the game.
Show respect to other players – both team mates & opponents.
Accept officials’ decisions without gesture or argument.
Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
Support the coaches and their requests.
Thank and acknowledge the coach, officials and opponents.

2.0 Parents and Spectators will:
Positively encourage and support the efforts of all players.
Refrain from any criticism or abuse directed at coaches or officials.
Put an emphasis on genuine effort ahead of victory and encourage players to accept the outcomes of all games, irrespective of the result.
Recognise good play by either team and never ridicule an individual player in either team.
Display self-control on the side-line – remember young people play sport for their satisfaction not for that of their parents or supporters.

3.0 Disciplinary Procedures
3.1 Any players that are found to have brought the school into disrepute may face game suspension at the discretion of the Teacher in Charge or Head of Code. Season suspension will be at the discretion of the Sports Director.

3.2 Players about whom allegations of serious misconduct are made will be bound by the School’s Health & Safety Policy Section 5.1.18 – NAG 5 which states all allegations of incidents involving student misconduct of a serious nature will be fully investigated using principles of natural justice. Outcomes may include stand downs, suspensions, exclusions and expulsions.

All students and team officials are aware of and are bound by the Smoke, Vaping, Drug and Alcohol Free conditions under which all New Zealand Secondary School Sport and College Sport Auckland events are sanctioned.